Knowing, wanting and being able to are essential for choosing a healthy lifestyle every day:

Knowing: knowledge about what healthy behaviour is and the positive effects

Eating less and exercising more, is the standard advice if people want a healthier lifestyle. But do they choose the right nutrition and type of exercise? Furthermore, according to scientific research, mindfulness, social contacts, work satisfaction and the level of stress are just as important for our health as nutrition and exercise.

Wanting: the willingness to change your behaviour

Intrinsic motivation to actually change your lifestyle behaviour. What are the patterns that make you behave the way you do now? What would be the positive aspects of new behaviour?

Being able to: the capacity to systematically choose healthier behaviour

95% of our behaviour is the result of an unconscious choice, while we are surrounded by unhealthy temptations. This means that you have to develop resistance against giving in to unhealthy impulses. Aside from that, you are more likely to change your behaviour successfully in a physical environment that makes making the healthy choice possible.

Lifestyle module: from awareness to behavioural change

In order to help employees take control of their own employability through a healthier lifestyle, we have developed a short, practical lifestyle coaching module. A professional lifestyle expert will provide the employee with coaching for the following:

  • Knowledge: awareness of the influence of all lifestyle domains on their health and employability
  • Attitude: the activation of their intrinsic motivation by making healthy choices
  • Behaviour: empowerment to actually choose a healthy lifestyle every day

Special attention will be paid to:

  • Six lifestyle domains that have been scientifically proven to influence our health and employability: exercise, social relationship, biological nutrition, stress reduction, work satisfaction and mindfulness (see image).

  • Activation: the employee will get a concrete insight into the relationship between their lifestyle, health, wellbeing and employability.


The lifestyle module has a duration of three months, and includes:

  • Five coaching interviews (customisation)
  • Personal plan of approach for lifestyle
  • Health assessment at the beginning and end of the programme

For who

The lifestyle module is effective for prevention, as well as reintegration.

Noncommittal advice

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