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Active Health Group (AHG) is the advice specialist on the intersection of people, work, health and organisation. Our two hundred professionals operate nationwide from the positive vision: health is a value.


We define health as ‘the ability of people to take control when facing the physical, emotional and social challenges of life’. Every human has the resilience to be or become healthy and lucky even when he or she is ill. The individual’s own responsibility is central to this.

Choosing health, luck and sustainable deployment

For over more than ten years Active Health Group has been facilitating individual self-determinism,  empowerment and behavioural change. By connecting to an individual’s natural abilities every human is capable to make a choice for health, luck and sustainable employability. Thus we contribute to a more resilient working the Netherlands and the reduction of absenteeism costs.

Our services

We achieve this by our effective integral approach of:

  • Health and luck management / sustainable employability
  • Health & Safety management
  • Own risk ownership
  • Lifestyle care
  • Medical examinations
  • Mobility
  • Income insurance issues
  • Organizational advice
  • Education

Non-binding advice

Do want advice without obligation? Please call us on 088 – 286 60 55 or complete the contact form. We are glad to be of help.

Werelddag veiligheid en gezondheid op het werk

28 Apr 2018

Helaas zijn bedrijfsongevallen en beroepsziekten aan de orde van de dag. Jaarlijks wordt op 28 april de aandacht gevestigd op deze incidenten en wordt er gesproken over het voorkomen en genezen van deze specifieke ongevallen en ziekten.

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