Healthy people in healthy organisations‘, that is the vision from which we support clients:

  • Your organisation can achieve its objectives thanks to healthy employees.
  • Health enables the individual employee to develop.

Three pillars

We help employees and employers to jointly give substance to the individual’s control over his or her employability and vitality via the three pillars of sustainable employability:

Our 200 or so professionals focus on: addressing personal responsibility, awareness development, intrinsic motivation, thinking in terms of possibilities, unravelling and objectifying causes.

Consultancy in health and sustainable employability, also health and safety service

We are an advisory organisation in health and sustainable employability, also an occupational health and safety service. Since 1996, we have been facilitating Organisations in self-management, empowerment and influencing behaviour of the individual and creating a healthy Organisational context. In this way, we contribute to sustainable employability in the Netherlands, to productivity improvement, to (absenteeism) cost savings and to risk management. We are certified for the Certification Scheme for Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 9001 quality, ISO 27001 information security and B Corporation, and we work according to ISO 14001 environmental management.

Non-binding advice

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03 Sep 24

Duurzame dinsdag

08 Sep 24
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22 Sep 24

Car Free Day

23 Sep 24

Daling ziekteverzuim in 2023 sterkst in horeca

In 2023 is het ziekteverzuim van werknemers afgenomen, na acht jaar waarin het steeds toenam. Het ziekteverzuim daalde van 5,6 procent in 2022 naar 5,3 procent. Dit houdt in dat 53 van de duizend te werken dagen werden verzuimd door ziekte. De daling was het sterkst in de horeca, waar het ziekteverzuim daalde van 4,7 […]


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