Reintegration track 2

Reintegration track 2

The aim of reintegration track 2 is to find a suitable job with another employer. The current employer has an obligation to facilitate this under the Gatekeeper Improvement Act.

Employer: reintegration obligation

The employer has the responsibility to do everything in their power to help the employee get back to work (internally or externally). The UWV assesses this. If the UWV finds that insufficient activities have been carried out, the UWV may impose salary sanctions.

Employee: new (financial) future prospects

An employee prefers health to illness and maintaining the current situation will not help them create a new positive prospect for the future. Switching to another suitable position, following reintegration track 2, is then the solution for renewed job satisfaction.

Aside from your own wellbeing being affected, an employee is also dealing with a period of financial uncertainty. The UWV will assess whether they are eligible for WIA benefits (Work and Income Act). It regularly happens that no WIA benefits are awarded. This may mean that the employee will be dependent on unemployment benefits (Unemployment Act) or social welfare.

Our purpose

The mission of our reintegration coaches is to provide the employer with good advice and to help the employee experience that job satisfaction can also be found in another position.

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