Effective leadership


Effective leadership is needed to achieve sustainable employability and a financially healthy organisation. Deepen your leadership skills using a unique, effective methodology and experience how you can intrinsically motivate your employees to get the best out of themselves.


The training ‘Effective leadership’ is characterised by authenticity. Self-awareness and knowing what you stand for in the organisation is of great importance. Being visible in your vision and communicating this through your actions provides clarity, inspiration and generates support from employees. Maintaining the balance between your insights and intuition and being able to listen to the feedback of your employees requires leadership.

This training will provide you with answers to questions you encounter in daily practice, in an effective and experiential way. Such as: what is at the heart of difficult cases? What can I do to empower employees, so that they work with joy and commitment? Through the method of systematic constellations you will get to the heart of the matter, and obstacles are turned into possibilities.


At the end of the master training, participants will have:

  • In-depth knowledge about and insight into what they themselves can do to change matters in a positive and effective way.
  • Tools to view matters from different perspectives.
  • Insight into practical cases from their own practice.

For whom

Participants are managers, directors, HR officers, occupational health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Capacity:    10 – 12 participants
  • Date:           In consultation
  • Duration:   2 half-days
  • Location:    In consultation

More information

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