Focus on employability with business intelligence


Reduced employability is usually the result of causes other than (just) medical ones, which are easier to influence and preventable. A solid analysis of the complex interplay of mutually influencing causal processes at the individual and the organisational level (culture, leadership, policy) and the right combination of statistical information result in: (A) the uncovering of important indicators of health and non-medical absenteeism and (B) the expression of the value of health in financial data. Measuring is the key to knowledge.


Included themes are:

  • Shared responsibility for employability.
  • Organisational diagnostic scan based on business intelligence/HR analytics.
  • From organisational diagnosis to effective policy and practice.
  • Cases from participants’ own practice.


At the end of the masterclass, participants will have:

  • Insight into the meaning of the shared responsibility for employability for their organisation.
  • Experience how an organisational diagnostic scan based on business intelligence/HR analytics can be used to collect measurable knowledge about possible risk groups and best practices in the organisation.
  • Insight into the translation of measured results into policy and targeted interventions.
  • Answers to questions about cases from their own practice.
  • Tips and advice.

For whom

Participants are managers, directors, HR officers, occupational health and safety professionals and works council members.

Practical information

  • Capacity:    15 participants
  • Date:           In consultation
  • Duration:   3 hours
  • Location:    In consultation

More information

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